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To those who say “that’s just the way the world works,”

we must respond “the world is what we make of it.” 

It takes strength to watch current events unfold and not become discouraged. Much of the global population lives with opportunities limited by corrupted political and economic systems. It’s no wonder popular culture features a plethora of dystopian visions of the future. I support the proliferation of opposing visions - visions that show we have enormous potential to shape our collective future into one where childhood wonder and possibility does not give way to adult cynicism and disappointment. My career in the solar industry is proof of my commitment to be a part of making those optimistic visions a reality.


This latest version of my portfolio is a snapshot of where I stand today. I’m eager to exercise my design talents even when the day-to-day doesn’t call for it, and I’m ready to take the next steps to grow into a true designer of experiences that are visual, physical, and emotional - with each one building, piece by piece, a future we can look towards with optimism.


1701 House